The C-KOE METALS process produces pellets with maximum surface area to weight ratio. The higher the surface area, the faster the digestion and/or melt rates you can achieve, resulting in improved productivity for your operations.

For 50 lbs. of aluminum;

• A 50 lb. Ingot averages approximately 15 Sq. In. per pound totaling 750 Sq. In.
• A 5 lb. Bar averages approximately 23 Sq. In per pound totaling 1150 Sq. In.
• A 3/8 Pellet averages approximately 265 Sq. In. per pound totaling 13,250 Sq. In.
• A 1/4 Pellet averages approximately 301 Sq. In. per pound totaling 15,050 Sq. In.

Micro Fissions

The C-KOE Metals’ unique process also creates micro fissions in the surface of the product. These create additional surface area for digestion. This surface area is in addition to the area calculated during the laser measurement.

Pellet measured with an accuracy of +/- 7µ

Rate of Dissolution Study

Aluminum is used for a number of critical applications. In many of those applications, aluminum is digested through the addition of acid. C-KOE Metals commissioned and funded a major university to study the effects of these types of reactions when different forms of aluminum are introduced with Hydrochloric Acid. The study looked at the rate of dissolution for aluminum ingot as compared to several sizes of aluminum pellet. Over a period of six months, multiple tests were performed and repeated to generate conclusive data that validated the impact of surface area on the digestive process.

Compared to aluminum ingot, aluminum in pellet form digested at a rate of 6 times faster. These results were then modeled to determine if the rate remained valid in industrial scale applications and the result was confirmed. If your process requires aluminum to be digested, C-KOE Metals has a unique solution to speed your cycle times and increase throughput.

C-KOE Grain

C-KOE Metals now offers you an alternative to aluminum powder. Our Grain product offers an even greater surface area to weight improvement over our pellet. It has sufficient edge area to light quickly for specific applications, but it is still large enough to avoid combustion in a suspended state. Safety is a major concern for the manufacturing world and C-KOE Metals’ Grain meets the need for maximizing both process speed and safety.

Custom Alloys

C-KOE Metals gives customers the ability to customize an aluminum alloy to meet their specific needs. So whether you need just a bit more Magnesium, a little less Silicon, or any other unique chemistry, we have you covered. Whatever your needs may be, C-KOE Metals can provide a solution. Our facility is configured to support the high-purity line and the alloy line, with products ideal for rapid digestion or melt.